Meet Jen

Guiding heart-centered women leaders to restore their
connection between mind, heart, and energy.

Hi! I’m Jen. I’m here to help you to live and lead authentically, with joy and on purpose!
I am a corporate leader in recovery and now own my own coaching and consulting business where I work with heart-centered, purpose-driven, high-achieving women leaders to restore their connection between mind, heart, and energy.

Although I enjoyed many aspects of life in the corporate world, I fought the realization that it wasn’t right for me for a long time. I turned that very wise, intuitive voice inside of me way down so I could tune into more of who I thought I should be rather than who I really was meant to be. I am also a mom of a very energetic son and a devoted wife to a loving and supportive husband. Like so many women, I walk the path of trying to do it all, AND of course, be awesome at all of it all the time. 

I understand
the challenges of developing a fulfilling work-life rhythm.

But the truth is, often I just fall short and then the edges begin to fray! Self-doubt sets in, self-care goes out the window, energy rapidly fizzles and a sense of self fades. I found myself frequently asking the questions, “Is this really how it’s supposed to be, and how can I give it my all when I’m totally strung out?” I realized that to live more meaningfully and abundantly, I needed to create a life and career aligned with my heart’s desires, and my purpose while creating boundaries with things that drain my energy. Every day isn’t perfect, but I have my own rituals and tools that help me to stay present, grounded, and peaceful. I’ve also learned how to do great work without overworking, and my family remains the center of my world. I don’t have it ALL, but I do have more of what I want!

I have high hopes for women in the world and workplace. I envision a future full of brave, bold, and courageous female thought-leaders who are empowered to achieve their highest potential through self-confidence, self-awareness and inner joy. I’d love to help you transform your future, amplify your potential, and achieve your highest self by restoring joy, and igniting your path to purpose.

Credentials & Certifications:

Executive Education, Women’s Leadership Program
Yale School of Management

Executive Certificate, Organizational Consulting & Change Leadership

Institute for Transformational Leadership
Georgetown University

XCHANGE Certified Practitioner

The Flourishing Leadership Institute

Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Duke Integrative Medicine

FIRO® Certified Practitioner

Add Heart Facilitator
Heart Math Institute

Registered Dietitian
American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Master’s Degree, Human Nutrition
University of Delaware