Learning to Lead You

A unique coaching program designed for organizations who want to develop authentic, high-performing  women leaders.

With Learning to Lead You, participants can expect to:

 I help heart-centered, purpose-driven women leaders restore their connection between mind, heart, and energy. In our integrative work together, participants can expect to recognize and acknowledge their unique gifts and talents and reawaken their true source of happiness, giving them time, space, and permission to rediscover their purpose, and be empowered to lead a more meaningful life with confidence.

I created Learning to Lead You because I envision a future full of brave, bold, and courageous female thought leaders who are empowered to achieve their highest potential through self-confidence, self-awareness, and inner joy.  

Let’s connect on how we can bring Learning to Lead You to your organization!

Restore. Transform. Achieve Your Highest Self.

The Learning to Lead You curriculum is structured around the Four Pillars of Learning, Empowerment, Awareness, Direction:


Identify and align with values and strengths that drive behaviors and actions.


Form purposeful connections and cultivate a growth mindset.


Align with your intuition and track your energy gains and drains.


Create a meaningful personal vision and design your leadership self-portrait.

Learning to Lead You invites high-performing women leaders to attend interactive, online sessions aimed at empowering them to improve individual well-being, move into their authentic power, foster their leadership capabilities through professional and personal growth, and engage in meaningful, purposeful connections with other like-minded women leaders. This unique and integrative leadership development program is designed to help women leaders live and lead authentically and step into their true potential. The intensive program is comprised of multiple sessions blending group coaching sessions with Masterclasses led by industry professionals and thought leaders on varying topics.


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Setting the Stage
and Strengthening
Self Awareness

Leading Intuitively
to Optimize

Your Leadership

*Subject to change. Additional bonus sessions may be added throughout the program.

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