1:1 Coaching

The Learning to Lead You Signature VIP Coaching Program

Syzmetrics for Women Leaders

What if I told you that embracing your true self would result in transformative joy and confidence?

Being your best requires continuous growth and a commitment to living fully as our authentic selves. Now, while that journey back towards your true self is challenging, let’s be clear: That journey is worthy because YOU are so worthy of living a life full of joy and confidence.

My private programs are meant for big-hearted women leaders who are ready to create and commit to their greatest vision for themselves. They want to understand how they can have more of what they WANT in life, while letting go of self-doubt, limiting beliefs and establishing the necessary boundaries against the things that drain them.

I will support you as a heart-centered, purpose-driven woman leader restore your connection between mind, heart, and energy. In our integrative work together, you will embrace your unique gifts and talents and reawaken your true source of happiness. This will give you the time, space, and permission to rediscover your purpose and be empowered to lead a more meaningful life with confidence.

I can’t wait to join you in the journey of Learning to Lead You!

Who I work with:

During our time together, we will work in partnership so that you can successfully:

The Signature VIP Coaching Package includes:

1:1 coaching via Zoom with a high level of individual and focused attention, support, and guidance for duration of sessions

Email/text access in between sessions

Phone check-ins between sessions (as needed) for support on important, real-time matters

Tracking your goals and progress and serve as an accountability partner

With Learning to Lead You, you CAN:

  • Live and lead on purpose.
  • Become and embrace your true self.
  • Have the mindset and confidence to achieve what you want.
  • Find your inner joy and sustain it.
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