Vision With Heart: How To Create Your Heart-Centered, Best-Life Vision!

In this early part of the new year, I’ve been doing a lot of energizing work with clients around visioning and dreaming about what it would look and feel like to live their best life.  The idea of having a big vision or a “North Star” to guide them offers a sense of excitement, possibility, and opportunity about the future that has been a bit fuzzy to see as of late.  

Throughout the pandemic, many of us have felt overwrought with emotions connected to anxiety, uncertainty, exhaustion, and survival.  We have been pushing to get through our days, produce good work, keep our families healthy and still have some semblance of self, which often has gone by the wayside.  How could we possibly even think about tomorrow, let alone next week or the balance of the year?  

Maybe, however, in those flailing moments of exhaustion and fear, we have also longed to transcend to a place of ease where calm, peace, and joy exude, and not just a day at a spa.  We are in gratitude because we have time to partake in life-giving activities and surround ourselves with people that energize us. We are living in great health, and we have let go of things that are no longer serving us.  We are in less of a state of doing, and more of a state of being.

Many of us go about our lives based on what we think we should want or what we think others want from us.  Cultural norms and family expectations can impact the choices we make for ourselves that otherwise might not have been the road we opted to travel.  

Taking intentional time to dream about your future is so important because it helps you get clear about what you really want in life and enables you to focus on what really matters to YOU.  Visioning also brings clarity on how you want to feel so you can engage your mind and body in that same positive-feeling energy in the present moment.  

About a year ago I did my own visioning exercise for the first time.  Beyond igniting excitement, the practice of creating my vision also opened a feeling of intense longing for this life that I can tangibly see and feel for myself and my family. I set intentions that aligned with this beautiful vision, and I established rituals and habits to put ideas into action. Clearly, I am well on my way! Then real life happens, and I start talking myself back into the safety of the status quo.  I get trapped in those moments of limiting beliefs and confining myself in my thoughts.  At this point, I have gone out of my heart and into my head and begun to assess the reality of my dreams versus the possibilities. In time, I find my way back to my heart, take a few breaths, revisit my intentions, and try to understand what might need to shift to get myself realigned with my BIG vision. 

When you create the space to listen to what it is life is calling you to do, you give yourself the opportunity to create a life you don’t want or need to escape from.  The message comes from within.  Your heart finally has the chance to tell you what she is longing for, and where you will thrive.

As you explore energizing possibilities and excitement around change and growth, it is necessary to also consider what you might need to let go of in your life to open the door for new to emerge. For example, do you need to assess some of your relationships, or release personal judgments or unfair expectations?  Are you anchoring in the current state of your reality and limiting yourself to your past stories and experiences versus the greatness awaiting you in the next chapter?

The clearer you can get about your life vision will help you establish practical, yet purposeful and meaningful goals and milestones to help you achieve it.  When declaring goals, focus on the “What” first, the high-level aspirations, and then the “How,” which are the habits and rituals you need to implement for success.  Often, people start with the how, and then lose motivation or energy to keep going, especially when life throws us curveballs and we get a bit off track. 

Writing your aspirations in the present tense, such as “I am” or I have” helps your subconscious mind begin to act on them immediately. And don’t forget to set aside time to celebrate your achievements both big and small along the way.  Doing this will encourage and energize you to pursue your grander plan. 

Whatever your vision, regularly practicing seeing yourself living it will propel you into the energy of the vision realized.  Your body and mind recognize you in the feeling of the present moment – not if something has happened yet. While the whole of your vision may not become your new reality immediately, intentionally living in a positive-feeling, high-vibration energy state will ultimately result in you attracting more of that good energy and keep you focused and motivated on implementing the steps to achieve the life YOU want!  

The good news about visioning work is that it can be done anytime – not just at the beginning of the year.  Your vision is dynamic and will likely shift depending on your season of life. And always remember to keep asking yourself, “Am I dreaming BIG enough?”

Do you have a big life vision?  When is the last time you thought about what it is you really want or how you want to feel in your life?  I’d love to hear from you.  

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