About Szymetrics

We facilitate tailored experiential working sessions to guide your team’s
process in creating the best solutions.

We work closely with teams to understand the current way of operating, the desired norms, competencies, and behaviors for the future and assist the team in closing the gaps to better serve each other and their business partners.

Organizational Alignment

Conduct organizational assessments to inform a customized development plan aimed at desired outcomes.

Leadership Alignment

Identify a shared purpose for the leadership team.
Unlock the leadership team’s potential to aim them collectively at driving improvements for the organization.

Leadership Engagement

Align the leadership team on a shared vision and core values.
Develop guiding principles and working norms to guide business decisions.

High-Performing Teams

Promote high engagement, motivation and the behaviors that drive team members to perform consistently at their best.
Leverage individual talents and strengths to address real-world opportunities and increase organizational capabilities.

Growth Mindset

Nurture a growth mindset and the behaviors that enable change, including appropriate risk-taking, empowered decisions, and leaning into opportunities that promote increased collaboration and innovation.

Partner/Client Experience

Create and mature a shared vision for a partner experience unique to the team that drives value across the enterprise.

Workshops for any group or team:

  • Creating a Purposeful and Impactful Mission.
  • Future Visioning.
  • Innovation Summits.
  • Connecting with Core Values.
  • Unlocking Strengths.
Szymetrics for Organisations